The success of many businesses’ customer accounts is largely dependent on how well their product is adopted. Often companies, particularly Account Manager’s will engage with key stakeholders and key decision-makers, but not necessarily the end-users.

This is often a result of business legacy. A relationship was made with the key stakeholders and decision-makers during the sales process, and this is where the heart of the B2B relationship evolved.

How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?
How to improve user adoption through Customer Success?

Customer Success Playbooks to Improve User Adoption

Part of a Customer Success Manager’s role is to build relationships with key stakeholders and support them to get the maximum return from the investment from your product. …

Last weekend, after 18 months, I joined my local air ambulance charity to do some fundraising at a nearby motorway service station. I have done many of these before but as this was the first one I had been involved in post lockdowns, I wasn’t sure what Bucket Collecting in 2021 would be like.

Volunteering for 2-hour shifts, myself and my colleagues stood at the entrance to the service station and greeted entering members of the public. Dressed in the charity t-shirt, suitably masked, and next to an information stand about the charity we held a donation bucket for cash…

This week saw Gainsight’s annual Pulse Everywhere Conference take place, broadcasting virtually August Hall, San Fransisco. The conference is usually a physical 3 days event but due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, the event was digital. With the exception of a small audience at August Hall where the keynote speeches were broadcast live from.

Pulse Everywhere is one of my favorite conferences, not only because its content is awesome, but because every speaker is always so passionate about Customer Success. …

James Harding

UK based Technical Customer Success Manager.

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